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How Does It Work?

The Arc-Hives is a library of content that members have published. The content from our members is free for everyone to read. Viewing the Arc-Hives will always be free and the content will always be available. We at the Arc-Hives believe that we all lose when censorship suppresses information. What is it that makes The Arc-Hives so unique?

Our unique approach allows our members to publish their research, news articles, op-eds, or letters either publicly or anonymously. What makes The Arc-Hives stand out is the ability to maintain rights over your work even if it’s been published anonymously. By ensuring your rights, we ensure that you are able to claim ownership of any of your work at any future date. How does this help you?

Censorship and mob outrage have become the dominant form of suppressing content from reaching the public. Professionals can’t publish their research for fear of losing their career. Journalists can’t share their stories due to risk of their personal safety and public outcry. Politicians can’t tell their constituents what is really going on because of optics. Finally there is a solution and that solution is The Arc-Hives. So how does one begin publishing on The Arc-Hives?

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A new model for writing.

Step one is to sign up using the button at the top. For only $10 per month you can be publishing your original work alongside some of the most prominent names in your field. You can be issuing formal responses to cutting edge research. You can be providing your investigative journalism to the public. For $30/month you also become part of a rotating pool of moderators tasked with protecting the integrity of the content on the site. Lastly, you can pay a one time $40 fee to publish one original article.

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Simple but powerful publishing.

Once you sign up, you will get 3 keys, or sets of numbers. One key is your private key used for account management and claims of ownership. You must not share this key with anyone except The Arc-Hives. The second key is your publishing key. This one allows you to publish content on The Arc-Hives. If you wish to publish anonymously, this is the only piece of information you will need to provide. The third key is an additional publishing key you can use if you need to begin publishing anonymously.

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Own your work.

Start shaping the future of news and research today. Join The Arc-Hives and fight for information. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out at

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