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Future Candidates

Future Candidates I think that too many candidates for the office of President fall into the same tropes over and over. Candidates make the mistake of trying to be the savior of the people and this leads them to make promises they know they can’t keep. Every speech given contains unrealistic goals and a self-serving angle that inevitably leads to disappointment for the American people in the end. If I were to run for office, here is what I would say. I want to start by being completely honest with you. I am an imperfect man working in an imperfect system, operated by imperfect people. Candidates usually get up here and make the same mistakes candidates before have made. The first is making promises to you they know they can’t keep. I’m going to start by avoiding that pitfall. I want you to know that I can’t promise that I can make this change or that change to taxes or education. You know as well as I do that there are no guarantees. I will not make promises about something that I have no control over. Regarding these efforts, I will try my very best. However, I will make promises to you that I know I can keep. I promise that I will never forget that I am your employee. Voting me into office is the same as hiring me. I think we as citizens and politicians have forgotten this arrangement. You aren’t here because you are looking for a savior to swoop in and rescue you. You aren’t looking to defer all your choices to one man or woman. What makes them more effective than you? You are looking for an employee that will dutifully and honestly carry out their job duties and be of value to your project. It just so happens that the project is America. I promise that I will surround myself with the best of the best to do the best job for you. As I said I’m an imperfect man. I’m not an economist, a doctor, a lawyer, or a general. However, as President, I can bring together economists, doctors, lawyers, and Generals that excel in their field. Instead of pretending that I have all the answers you’re looking for, I will instead promise you that I’ll find the ones that do, and we will work together to make this country a stronger, safer, more prosperous place for all Americans. Now I’d like to tell you about some of the things I believe, so you can understand the motivating energy behind what I’m doing. I believe in the founding principles of this country. I believe that those freedoms have, over time, been expressed in better and fairer ways. Freedom is the core belief of our country. Early on the country did not get it totally right. But the idea of a country founded on freedom was the catalyst that started the rise of a completely new superpower. Here’s the thing about that superpower. No other country on the globe has the same core tenants of freedom rooted in its constitution. Further, no other country on the globe has taken those concepts and run with them as far as we have. This creates a tough situation for citizens that put their faith in those core ideas. The situation we find ourselves in is there is nowhere else for us to go. If you think that individual citizens don’t know what is best for their own health, careers, and behavior and that they should be forced to adhere to the will of their government, there are plenty of other countries you can go to. Other countries have run further with that idea than we have. There is no other country that has run further with the idea of freedom for the individual than we have. There is no other place on the globe that gives this much autonomy to the individual to make of themselves what they will, for better or for worse. It is this idea, the idea of freedom at the root of all policy and action, that drives my decision-making. The reason is simple; if the policy and action aren’t making you freer, it is making you less. There are no two ways about it. I believe that this is the unifying idea that can bring prosperity to all Americans; that freedom is paramount. This will be my motivation behind everything I do. I will make mistakes. I will wish that I could have accomplished more. But I will know that every step I make will be a step toward more freedom.